Jewish Community Dresden

As a rabbi of the Jewish community in Dresden, Akiva Weingarten leads a community with around 700 members. They celebrate the Kabbalat-Shabbat service together every week and celebrate the high holidays. You can find current information on the website of the Dresden Synagogue.

Liberal Jewish Community Basel (CH)

In addition to Dresden Rabbi Akiva is also present once a month in the liberal Jewish community "Migwan" in Basel. The community consists around 150 members and grows continuously.

Stephan Pramme, Photographer

Stephan Pramme lives and works as a photographer in Berlin. He works for newspapers like the "Jüdische Allgemeine" and others. Pramme also took the portrait photos of Rabbi Weingarten on this website.

Besht Yeshiva Dresden e.V.

The association was founded in 2020 by Rabbi Akiva Weigarten and helps young, Jewish ex-ultra-Orthodox drop-outs to integrate to the secular world and redefine their Jewish identity.